5 Essentials to Choosing the Right Location for Your New Business

How Stiff Is the Competition

Starting a new business can be a scary process. Daunting and anxiety-inducing, putting you and your services out there can be the cause for headaches and more than a few sleepless nights. It doesn’t have to be, however. There exist tons of steps that can assist in creating, nurturing, and growing your business a significantly less stressful process.

The first and most immediate step in accomplishing this is understanding that hundreds of individuals have already found success, and have freely shared their process for all to enjoy. Taking advantage of this knowledge is the difference between a thriving startup and a broken dream. Regarding the financing part, there are plenty of lenders out there who will be willing to give you loans for your business.

One such tip comes by way of where it is you start your business. So many fledgling entrepreneurs, especially in the age of online retail, underestimate just how important location is overall. In the coming article, we have listed some insider tips regarding how you should make your location selection.

1. What Kind Of Business You Run Is A Crucial Factor


Often overlooked, understanding what your business truly is can yield great success when selecting your initial location.

This tip is often shrugged off as being overly obvious, but in a great stroke of irony, individuals who feel this way are often those most guilty of what it warns of. To ensure this isn’t you, let’s get into why this is so important.

A clear, actionable mission statement is just as important to a business’s success as the behind-the-scenes calculations, as any successful entrepreneur will tell you.

What is your end goal? Who are you trying to service? Why do you want to offer this service? Understanding these things will be guiding factors when selecting your startup location.

2. Where Is Your Demographic Located?

Next, are you located nearby your target demographic? Are the people who are going to be most interested in what your business offers in a nearby location? Acting on this factor involves a good deal of foresight.

You will need to have a solid grip of will be enjoying your services, and how much disposable income they have to spend at your establishment.

For example, if you’re selling used-technology, you can safely assume that you will be catering to those with limited disposable income.

If they had unlimited funds, why would they be buying used? You can act on this information by ensuring that your business is in a locale that is within walking distance of public transportation.

That’s just one example, and there are many other clever ways of maximizing opportunities in the same sort of way.

3. How Stiff Is the Competition?

If your business is near other centers of commerce, especially those offering similar services, then you are effectively cutting your profits in half. Get a grip on where your stiffest competition is, and position yourself accordingly.

4. How Visible Is Your Business?

How Visible Is Your Business

Are your clients able to see your business? We mean this literally: Is your establishment in a clearly visible position where pedestrians and traffic can see your iconography and branding? It needs to be.

5. Is There Potential For Growth?

Potential For Growth

Finally, you should have a firm understanding of your growing options. If you have chosen a location in an economic decline, then you need to understand that correcting this will yield more in the long-term than it will cost in the short-term.


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